(CSP FORUM) ATHENS: 21-22 May 2014

Presentations Day 2

Thursday 22nd May 2014

Track 4 How to Transform Principles into Enginering Requirements? (PRIPARE)

Presentations Available:

David Wright (Trilateral) "Integrating privacy and ethical impact assessment" [View Presentation]

Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven) "Engineering Privacy by Design" [View Presentation]

Dr. Dawn Jutla (co-chair, OASIS PbD-SE TC , Member OASIS PMRM TC) "Overview of the OASIS PbD-SE and PMRM emerging privacy standards" [View Presentation]

Track 5 Towards an innovative framework model for Cybersecurity & Privacy innovators (IPaCSO)

Presentations Available:

Ulrich Seldeslachts (LSEC) and Jamie Power (WIT-RIKON) "About IPACSO" [View Presentation]

Track 6 Trustworthy services (ANIKETOS,OPTET, SECURED)

Presentations Available:

(Zeta Dooly (TSSG) and Dr Ilias Spais (ATC)  & Antonio Lioy " OPTET Project Overview" [View Presentation]

Hisain Elshaafi (TSSG) "Establishment and Maintenance of Trustworthy Composite Services" [View Presentation]

Costas Kalogiros (AUEB) "Trust Computation Based on Personal Attributes" [View Presentation]

Antonio Lioy (Politecnico do Torino) "Off-loading security into the network : the SECURED architecture" [View Presentation]

SECURED Leaflet [View Here]

Track 7 Privacy-by-design Issues: Supply Chain, Multiple Jurisdictions, Training (PRIPARE )

Presentations Available:

Fanny Coudert (KU Leuven - ICRI) and Daniel le Métayer (INRIA) "Teaching Privacy-by-Design" [View Presentation]

Claudia Roda (American University in Paris) "Requirements for training material" [View Presentation]

Susan Perry (American University of Paris) "Teaching human rights and digital technology" [View Presentation]

Frank Kargl (University of Ulm) "Professional Training on Privacy" [View Presentation]

Track 8 Trustworthy Cloud starts at Client-side (TRESCCA, HINT)

Presentations Available:

Carsten Rust (Morpho) "Holistic approaches for integrity of ICT-Systems" [View Presentation]

Jérémie Brunel (Telecom ParisTech) "Protecting Confidentiality and Integrity in Embedded Systems" [View Presentation]

Kyprianos Papadimitriou (TEI of crete) "System-Level Modeling of a NoC Firewall on Spidergon STNoC" [View Presentation]

Michele Paolino (VOSYS) "Strong Isolation in ARM Platforms" [View Presentation]

Bernhard Katzmarski (OFFIS) "Virtual Machine Migration to Protect Sensitive Information" [View Presentation]

Track 9 Emerging areas of information technology & present a reference model for cybersecurity and privacy (Capital)

Presentations Available:

Mari Kert (EOS) "About CAPITAL" [View Presentation]

Pascal Bisson (Thales) "Situation awareness in cyberspace" [View Presentation]

Track 10 Methodologies and Best Practices for Privacy-by-Design (PRIPARE)

Presentations Available:

Nicolas Notario (ATOS) "PRIPARE's New Vision on Engineering Privacy and Security by Design" [View Presentation]

Hisain Elshaafi (TSSG) "Best practice at research level" [View Presentation]

Antonio Kung "Design and Evaluation of PEARS Privacy Enhancing ARchitectures" [View Presentation]

Frank Kargl "Re-using privacy patterns" [View Presentation]

Track 11 Business model/Innovation Path etc (SECCORD, IPACSO, CYSPA, SECONOMICS)

Presentations Available:

Massimo Felici (HP Labs, UK) and Olga Gadyatskaya (University of Trento, IT) "Chair Presentation" [View Presentation]

Massimo Felici (HP Labs, UK) "Session Introduction: Economics, Business Models and Innovation Paths in Cyber Security and Privacy" [View Presentation]

Dharm Kapletia (HP Labs, UK) "Towards an integrated view of innovation management in cybersecurity" [View Presentation]

Jamie Power (WIT, IR) "IPACSO: Towards developing an innovation framework for ICT innovators in the Privacy and Cyber Security Markets" [View Presentation]

Claudio Telmon (Mediaservice S.r.l. and Clusit, IT) "Archimedes: Improving innovation through end-user participation and sound innovation management" [View Presentation]

Olga Gadyatskaya (University of Trento, IT) and Nina Olesen (EOS, BE) "EU innovations in cybersecurity: The CYSPA’s perspective" [View Presentation]

Alessandro Pollini (Deep Blue S.r.l., IT) "SECONOMICS-Socio-economics meets security for enhancing Airport protection" [View Presentation]

Track 12 Privacy and Data-protection: “Putting Privacy-ABCs into practice” – Course evaluation, social networks, identity and anonymity use

Presentations Available:

Dr. Gregory Neven (IBM) "Features and concepts of Privacy-ABCs"  [View Presentation]

Jonas Lindstrøm Jensen, Ph.D (Alexandra Institute) "ABC4Trust on mobile devices" [View Presentation]

Souheil Bcheri, M.Sc. (Eurodocs AB) "Community Interaction Among Pupils" [View Presentation]

Track 13 Accountable Cloud Governance: Interoperability and Policy Requirements) (A4Cloud)

Presentations Available:

Dr Vasilis Tountopoulos (ATC) "The problem of cloud data governance" [View Presentation]

Massimo Felici (HP Labs) "Accountability Model for Cloud Governance" [View Presentation]

Alain Pannetrat (CSA) "An analysis of interoperability requirements for accountable cloud services" [View Presentation]

Eleni Kosta (Tilburg University) "Regulatory and contractual challenges in cloud computing"[View Presentation]

Track 14 Privacy and Data Protection issues in information sharing initiatives: business challenges, trusted sharing,… Experiences from ACDC

Presentations Available:

Ulrich Seldeslachts (LSEC) and Karine e Silva (ICRI-KU Leuven and B-CCENTRE) "Privacy and Data Protection issues in information sharing business challenges, trusted sharing, ..." [View Presentation]

Track 15 Privacy and Data-protection: “Putting Privacy-ABCs into practice” – Course evaluation, social networks, identity and anonymity use

Presentations Available:

Prof. Yannis Stamatiou (Diophantus) "Privacy Preserving Course Evaluations in Educational Institutes" [View Presentation]

Ahmad Sabouri (Goethe Universität Frankfurt) "Enabling Privacy Friendly Integration of Cloud Services into Enterprises" [View Presentation]

Closing Session/Wrap Up

Presentations Available:

Henrik Plate (SAP) "Wrap Up Presentation" [View Presentation]