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August 2014 Edition


CSP Forum News


On behalf of European Commission NIS WG3, CAPITAL and CSP FORUM

We are glad to invite you to our the co-located meeting 8th October "Seminar on Cybersecurity road-mapping on research and innovation" organized by CAPITAL/CSP FORUM/NIS WG3.

This one day event will focus on Cybersecurity Business industry challenges, Emerging areas of Information Technology and the Network and Information Security Platform (NIS P) Working Group 3 on Secure ICT Research and Innovation working meeting.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (Event is Free to attend )

Registration/Preliminary Agenda Link : Click Here >

For logistics reasons the deadline for registration is October 1st 2014.

Venue : Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence Florence, Italy.


IEEE Security & Privacy - Call For Papers: What’s New in the Economics of Cybersecurity?

Final submissions due: 1 January 2015

Abstracts due by 1 December 2014 to the guest editors

Publication date: September/October 2015

More details here >


CSP Forum Trust and Security Projects Repository

The CSP Forum projects Repository give Trust and Security projects the oppurtunity to publish information on their objectives, partners and other information regarding their reseach. The repository also provides a web portal which allows projects to upload public deliverables.

Visit the link provided to view project information: CSP Forum Project Repository >

UpComing Events

img6FIRE's final conference : Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT

Pan-European analysis of ICT Security requirements from Finance, Healthcare, Energy, ICT and Governments: results from the FIRE project.

October, 13th, 2014 MCE Center Rue de l'Aqueduc 118. B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

Find out more >.


The CYSPA project is organising a series of nationally-held events in order to launch the CYSPA Alliance, foster collaboration with local initiatives, and encourage all stakeholders across Europe to join the Alliance. The next launch event is being held in Berlin (23 September, in partnership with EIT ICT Labs and the German Cyber Security Alliance) and Paris (Date TBC, in partnership with Allianz).

For more information, follow this Link >


ABC4Trust Workshop at IFIP Summer School 2014: ABC4Trust is highly visible at this year’s IFIP Summer School in Patras, Greece. Besides two keynotes addressing Privacy-ABC technologies, the project will hold a workshop on Tuesday, 9 September, that covers technical, practical, legal and privacy issues. Additionally, ABC4Trust partners will offer a programming session – build your own Privacy-ABC system!

Early Registration open until August 20, 2014

For more information, follow this Link >


A4Cloud is organising a training tutorial in the context of the 9th IFIP Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management for the Future Internet in the Age of Globalisation in Patras, Greece, on September 7-12, 2014. A4Cloud supports the school activities in cooperation with the FP7 EU projects ABC4Trust, FutureID, PRISMS.

Register now by following this Link >


CIRRUS Final Event on September 10th

The Final Event will be held in Brussels at the EC premises in Avenue de Beaulieu 25

For more information, follow this Link >


ACDC at Internet Security Days 2014

the platform for international online security experts, hosts its fourth event on 24th and 25th September 2014 in in the Phantasialand in Bruehl / Cologne.

For more information, follow this Link >


SECCRIT project from REA (Research Executive Agency) is organizing a workshop on security of cloud computing for critical infrastructures.

More information and registration is available Here >

Project News

img6A step forward to bridge the gap between Researchers, Industry and End-users in the Trustworthy ICT field

FIRE publishes a research agenda that matches research priorities and end-users’ needs

Research Agenda, which includes research topics, identifying suggested areas of research that address the main research needs of users. They have been identified by the user community and ICT suppliers and augmented by researchers, who have all participated in the review process. Read more >

FIRE publishes a report on how to address societal concerns regarding legal and privacy issues in ICT-related projects

User involvement in project design is currently a trend. In fact, sometimes it is perceived as a panacea to overcome most market failures of R&D results. However, this trendy concept is vaguely taken into account in the context of IT Security. What are the current barriers to market success of trustworthy ICT R&D solutions due to societal barriers? FIRE project has addressed this question. Read more >



Deliverable D6.5:Proceedings of the first INTER-TRUST workshop(Apr 2014) View here >


Sprint Competition

Sprints are short working cycles to validate proof of concepts of technology concepts, interoperability and trustworthiness. In the sprint approach, a lead partner is responsible for the coherence of the sprints. The lead partner is not necessarily a partner in a sprint. Sprints are 100% financed by industry partners running the sprint. After a sprint is finished, the results are immediately disseminated publicly to a broad audience. In March we organized a sprint competition with the purpose of coming up with the best idea, Trustseed was the winner. View winning Sprint >


The PANOPTESEC project shows early progress following the first Plenary Design Meeting

The PANOPTESEC project, aiming to deliver a beyond-state-of-the-art prototype that will proactively and reactively automatically manage cyber incidents, held a Plenary Design Meeting on 3-5 June at the ACEA facilities in Rome. ACEA, one of the largest Italian companies for energy and water supply, is the user agency of the PANOPTESEC project. The Plenary Design Meeting contributed to the progress of essential components of the operational concepts, design and interfaces. Early results of PANOPTESEC progress were then demonstrated by Alcatel-Lucent at the NATO SAS-106 Symposium on “Analysis Support to Decision Making in Cyber Defence and Security” on 10 June. The PANOPTESEC Technical Project Manager from RHEA was chairing the SAS-106 Symposium session and observed that the early prototype demonstration of technology was very well received by the attendees as a tangible outcome of the project.



A new CIRRUS survey on awareness and education wrt cloud security standards and certif. launched Please participate

img7Join A4Cloud activities in the Social media and the Web

The Cloud Accountability Project (or A4Cloud for short) focuses on the Accountability for Cloud and other Future Internet Services as the most critical prerequisite for effective governance and control of corporate and private data processed by cloud-based IT services. Follow our latest news on / and join us on LinkedIn


PRIPARE project seeks help to contact EU research projects for privacy support

PRIPARE is investigating the concept of privacy by design and how privacy protection can become an integral part of system and software engineering. One part of our project is to create training material and actively support partnering projects. As part of this, we can offer participation in a training workshop that we are organizing next year in March which may be relevant and interesting for many projects in DG CONNECT. We currently have the selection project on-going. For this, we have created a PDF form that interested projects should fill in (deadline 31.07.2014).

Information on this process can be found here >

This form itself can be found here >

img7RASEN Whitepaper Series

The researchers involved in the RASEN project have authored a series of whitepapers to showcase the challenges faced by organization deploying large-scale networked software systems, together with our envisioned approaches to these issues. Read more >


Can Biometrics Defeat Cyberterrorists? At Switzerland's Idiap Research Institute, one man is on the front lines of the fight against cyberterrorism.

Read more >


Practice have launched its second issue of its Newsletter. To view the project information and recent news follow the like provided.

Read more >

img6Security and privacy? Now they can go hand in hand.

Online identification and authentication keeps transactions secure on the Internet, however this has also implications for your privacy. Read full story here.

Member States and Other News


CSP Forum Member States Web Page

The CSP Forum now has a dedicated web page for EU Members States Security Initiatives providing the latest information from all the member states.

Visit the following link to view this web page >


News on National Cyber Security Strategies in the European Union and Worldwide

Find up to date news on national cyber security strategies in the EU and worldwide by following this link >


SOGIS-MRA: towards harmonization of ICT security Certification across Europe?

ENISA is pleased to announce a workshop on ICT Security Certification. This ENISA workshop is dedicated to the ICT Security Certification and more specifically on SOGIS/MRA as a platform for harmonising security certification across Europe. The workshop will take place in Brussels Belgium on the 6th October, 2014

For more information follow the link>


Network and Information Security Platform (NIS-P) - Looking for New Members

The network and information security (NIS) Platform has been identifying good practices to deal with cybersecurity risks over the past year. It is now looking for new members, in the fields of energy, transport, banking/finance, health and ICT. A particular focus is to get engagement from SMEs in these sectors, since dealing with cybersecurity risks requires cooperation between big and small businesses and across sectors. SMS have a great role to play for raising the level of cybersecurity over the value chain.

For more information follow the link>



Finland Cyber Security Event

On the 2nd - 5th of September 2014, Finland’s first Cyber Security exhibition and seminars will be staged in Jyväskylä, Finland. Guest speakers will include leading experts in cyber security from North America and elsewhere.

For more information follow the link>


ICT Proposers' Day 2014 - Registration is open

Organised by the European Commission and the Italian Presidency, the event is specifically dedicated to networking and promoting research and innovation in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

For more information follow the link>

For Registration for the ICT Proposers' Day 2014, click the link >



15 - 17 October 2014, PVA EXPO PRAGUE, Czech Republic.

For more information follow the link>

e-Mark U Trust Competition - Trustmark Design Wanted!

Are you a young artist or designer? We look for a new symbol for safer and trusty online services. Join in, send your idea to the “e-Mark U Trust” competition, your creation can be on trusted websites across Europe, do not lose your chance! Read More >

Past Events

CSP Forum Past Events

CSP Forum Workshop at IOT WEEK: 17th June 2014

Privacy and Innovation in the Internet of Things (participating projects/Org: IPACSO,COCO-CLOUD,ABC4TRUST, UK Catapult Centre)

For more information follow this link >

IPACSO Past Events

Cyber Security Bootcamp 1 - Belgium: 7th July 2014

These highly interactive workshops are intended to field test the Innovation Framework under development, to guide innovators with practical advice, market support and information that would support the development of their business case and going to market.

For more information follow this link >

CYSPA Past Events

So far, three very successful events have been held in London (6th June, in partnership with TechUK), in Rome (9th June, in partnership with Rome La Sapienza University), and The Hague (30th June, in partnership with The Hague Security Delta).

For more information, follow this Link >

ABC4TRUST Past Events

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs event: ABC4Trust was invited to present its results at an event organised by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 17, 2014 in Athens, Greece. The goal of the event was to present mature research results to a selected audience, consisting of national and international political decision makers as well as representatives of commerce and industry.


CSP Forum Team



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