About Us

Collaboration is the key to enriching and nurturing the awareness of funded trust and security research activities impact.

CSP FORUM will provide greater structure and support for enhanced collaboration, exploring new ways to develop and maximise the impact coming from clustering activities in this domain, making such information and access to state of the art research in this domain accessible to the wider community.

CSP FORUM is coordinated and funded by the SecCord Coordination and Support Action under the Trust and Security Unit H4 of the European Commission.


CSP FORUM objectives 

[1] Support Enhance collaboration between the trust and security projects, evolving the clustering activities of the projects. Stimulating networking, dissemination and a forum for discussing best practices, state of the art, standards and issues.

[2] Demonstrate that the trust and security research programme is delivering tangible results with high potential impact.

[3] Provide greater visibility of trust and security research programme through a high-profile annual conference and a T&S research web repository portal that become recognisable brands. Identify, link and collaborate with Member state national T&S R&D activities, providing two-way communication channel, reducing fragmentation and divergence.

[4] Increase the impact of trust and security project results by matching them with industry needs, including a strong focus on security issues relating to legal, social and economic aspects (LSE) aspects.  

[5] Provide a forward, strategic perspective of the emerging and developing trust and security issues, challenges, requirements, and priorities.


Project CoordinatorFrances Cleary, Waterford Institute Of Technology,Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (www.wit.ie, www.tssg.org

CSP FORUM (Consortium partners of SecCord) 

  1. Waterford Institute Of Technology (WIT)
  2. Hewlett-Packard Limited (HPLB)
  3. SAP AG (SAP)
  4. ATOS
  5. Universita Degli Studi Di Trento (UNITN)